AOP4Water approach to fix your (waste)water problems

AOP4Water was created to solve the problems of (waste)water treatment (urban and industrial wastewater, drinking water, rainwater and grey water) by proposing sustainable and innovative solutions that meet customer needs.
Our mission is the development of cutting-edge processes and technologies based mainly on advanced oxidation processes (AOPs). Our strength is applied research, which allows us to design increasingly sustainable and low environmental impact solutions, such as solar driven AOPs treatment units.
We also provide consultancy to successfully address complex environmental challenges and propose ad hoc solutions for the customer.
We can also support these activities with specific analyses on aqueous matrices (for example BOD, COD, chlorides, total nitrogen, ammonia, etc.)
Our approach to solving complex problems regarding (waste)water treatment involves:

  • an initial phase of problem evaluation even through the acquisition of relevant information and data from the customer;
  • a subsequent in-depth and detailed study of possible solutions;
  • any pilot scale tests if necessary to identify the most effective and sustainable solution, eventually supported by a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to compare the most competitive solutions;
  • a preliminary design of the identified solution;
  • definitive design and construction/installation of the system.
Develops technologies for water and wastewater treatment as well as soil remediation mainly based on advanced oxidation processes (AOPs);
Provides support and advice in the management of complex/challenging environmental problems related to water and wastewater treatment, as well as soil remediation.
Develops and designs innovative and sustainable (e.g., natural systems based-, solar driven AOPs based-) solutions for water/wastewater treatment and soil remediation;
Provides support for designing innovative and sustainable solutions for water/wastewater treatment and soil remediation;

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