AOP4Water partners have many years of experience in research, technological development and designing process schemes to successfully address environmental and timely challenges (also thanks to a careful look at the continuous evolution of national and international legislation), particularly in the treatment, recovery and reuse of water and wastewater, as supported by the following patent, research projects, scientific publications and awards.


Italian Patent for industrial invention N° 102021000001940 entitled “Advanced oxidation method for water treatment” by Raffaele Cucciniello, Antonino Fiorentino, Antonio Proto, Luigi Rizzo. (Submitted: 29/01/2021, Approved 10/02/2023).


  • “Levulinic Acid Valorization through Advanced Novel Technologies (LEVANTE)” project financed by Italian Ministry of University Education and Research. 2022 – 2025
  • “Decision support-based approach for sustainable water reuse application in agricultural production (DSWAP).” project financed by the EU (H2020, EU Funding for Research and Innovation) through the “Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area Programme (PRIMA)”, 2019-2022.
  • “Green Processes for the Extraction of Active Ingredients and the Waste and Non-Waste Matrices treatment (PROGEMA)” project financed by PON “Research and Innovation” 2014-2020 and FSC funds. 2019-2022.
  • “ANtibioticS and mobile resistance elements in WastEwater Reuse applications: risks and innovative solutions (ANSWER)”, Innovative Training Networks (ITN), Call: H2020-MSCA-ITN-2015, 2015-2019.


Publications in high impact factor journals

Tertiary, quaternary treatment and reuse of urban wastewater

  • La Manna P., De Carluccio M., Oliva G., Vigliotta G., Rizzo L. (2024). Urban wastewater disinfection by iron chelates mediated solar photo-Fenton: Effects on seven pathogens and antibiotic resistance transfer potential. Water Research 249, 120966, (IF: 12.8; Q1).
  • Maniakova G., Rizzo L. (2023). Pharmaceuticals degradation and pathogens inactivation in municipal wastewater: a comparison among UVC photo-Fenton with chelating agents, UVC/H2O2 and ozonation. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 11, 111356, (IF: 7.7; Q1).
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  • La Manna P., De Carluccio M., Iannece P., Vigliotta G., Proto A., Rizzo L. (2023). Chelating agents supported solar photo-Fenton and sunlight/H2O2 processes for pharmaceuticals removal and resistant pathogens inactivation in quaternary treatment for urban wastewater reuse. Journal of Hazardous Materials 452, 131235 (IF: 13.6; Q1).
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Treatment industrial and refractory wastewater

Treatment and co-treatment of landfill leachate

  • Faggiano A., De Carluccio M., Cerrato F., Garcia Junior C.A., Proto A., Fiorentino A., Rizzo L. (2023). Improving organic matter and nutrients removal and minimizing sludge production in landfill leachate pre-treatment by Fenton process through a comprehensive response surface methodology approach. Journal of Environmental Management 340, 117950 (IF: 8.7; Q1).
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Phenols removal and co-treatment of olive mill wastewater

  • Faggiano A., De Carluccio M., Fiorentino A., Ricciardi M., Cucciniello R., Proto A., Rizzo L. (2023). Photo-Fenton like process as polishing step of biologically co-treated olive mill wastewater for phenols removal. Separation and Purification Technology 305, 122525. (IF: 8.6; Q1).
  • Fiorentino A., Prete P., Rizzo L., Cucciniello R., Proto A. (2021). Fe3+-iminodisuccinate as a new green catalyst for water treatment by photo-Fenton process at neutral pH. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 9, 106802. (IF: 7.968; Q1).

Dye removal and treatment of textile wastewater

  • Ben Ayed S., Azam M., Al Resayes S.I, Ayari F., Rizzo L. (2021). Cationic dye degradation and real textile wastewater treatment by heterogeneous photo Fenton using a novel natural catalyst. Catalysts 11, 1358. (IF: 4.501; Q2).

Treatment of hospital wastewater

  • Lofrano G., Faiella M., Carotenuto M., Murgolo S., Mascolo G., Pucci L., Rizzo L. (2021). Thirty contaminants of emerging concern identified in secondary treated hospital wastewater and their removal by solar Fenton (like) and sulphate radicals-based advanced oxidation processes. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 9, 106614. (IF: 7.968; Q1).

Treatment of process water contaminated by surfactants

  • Carotenuto M., Libralato G., Gürses H., Siciliano A., Rizzo L., Guida M., Lofrano G. (2019). Nonylphenol deca-ethoxylate removal from wastewater by UV/H2O2: Degradation kinetics and toxicity effects. Process Safety and Environmental Protection 124, 1-7. DOI: (IF: 4.966; Q1).

Treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater

  • • Rizzo L., Lofrano G., Gago C., Bredneva T., Iannece P., Pazos M., Krasnogorskaya N., Carotenuto M. (2018). Antibiotic contaminated water treated by photo driven advanced oxidation processes: ultraviolet/H2O2 Vs ultraviolet/peracetic acid. Journal of Cleaner Production 205, 67-75. DOI: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2018.09.101 (IF: 6.395; Q1).

Drinking water treatment

  • Melnikova A., Faggiano F., Visconti M., Cucciniello R., Iannece P., Kostryukova N., Proto P., Fiorentino A., Rizzo L. (2024). Photo driven homogeneous advanced oxidation coupled to adsorption process for an effective arsenic removal from drinking water. Journal of Environmental Management 349, 119568 (IF: 8.7; Q1).
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Greywater treatment

  • Faggiano A., Ricciardi M., Motta O., Fiorentino A., Proto A. (2023). Greywater treatment for reuse: Effect of combined foam fractionation and persulfate-iron based fenton process in the bacterial removal and degradation of organic matter and surfactants. Journal of Cleaner Production 415, 137792 (IF: 11.1; Q1).
  • Faggiano A., Ricciardi M., Fiorentino A., Cucciniello R., Motta O., Rizzo L., Proto A. (2022). Combination of foam fractionation and photo-Fenton like processes for greywater treatment. Separation and Purification Technology 293, 121114. (IF: 8.6; Q1).

Recovery of value-added products and energy from biomass and wastewater

  • Prete P., Cespi D., Passarini F., Capacchione C., Proto A., Cucciniello R., 2022. Glycidol syntheses and valorizations: Boosting the glycerol biorefinery. Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry 35, 100624 (IF: 9.3; Q1)
  • Faggiano A., Ricciardi M., Proto A., (2022). Catalytic Routes to Produce Polyphenolic Esters (PEs) from Biomass Feedstocks. Catalysts 2022, 12(4), 447; (IF: 3.9; Q1).
  • Piana G., Ricciardi M., Bella F., Cucciniello R., Proto A., Gerbaldi C. (2020). Poly(glycidyl ether)s recycling from industrial waste and feasibility study of reuse as electrolytes in sodium-based batteries. Chemical Engineering Journal 382, 122934 (IF: 13.273, Q1).
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Treatment and reuse of rainwater

  • Fiorentino A., Lofrano G., Cucciniello R., Carotenuto M., Motta O., Proto A., Rizzo L. (2021). Disinfection of roof harvested rainwater inoculated with E. coli and Enterococcus and post-treatment bacterial regrowth: Conventional vs solar driven advanced oxidation processes. Science of the Total Environment 801, 149763, (IF: 10.753; Q1).